14 May 2009

Amazing innings

Recently, the Red Sox had an inning where they scored 12 runs before they recorded a single out. It set the American League record and tied the major league record. Still it wasn't my favorite Sox inning of all time.

That honor would belong to the home half of the 1st inning from a game between the Sox and the Marlins on June 27th of 2003. This is when Sox scored 14 runs on 13 hits and 4 walks. They chased two pitchers (Pavano and Tejera) before recording an out and batted around twice. It was truly one for the ages.

However, one of my all-time favorite Red Sox innings featured them in the field. It occurred last summer in a game against the Cincinnati Reds on June 14th. With Tim Wakefield on the mound, here is the pitch by pitch sequence:

Brandon Phillips batting
Pitch 1: Phillips singled to center

Adam Dunn batting
Pitch 2: Ball, Phillips stole second, Phillips out at third trying to advance on play
Pitch 3: Dunn homered to right

Edwin Encarnacion batting
Pitch 4: Strike (looking)
Pitch 5: Encarnacion singled to center

Joey Votto batting
Pitch 6: Votto grounded into double play, first to shortstop, Encarnacion out at second

1 inning,
4 batters,
6 pitches,
3 hits,
1 run,
no one left on base.