15 October 2010

The Dichotomy

America's political scene is an exercise in contradiction. On one hand we have a party of Creationists who espouse a "survival of the fittest" agenda. On the other hand, we have a party of Evolutionists who espouse an agenda of "intelligent design".

No wonder things are a mess.

13 October 2010

VABO: you know, that's not a bad idea

A friend of mine just hit me with a new term: VABO (Vote Against Barack Obama). I'm not really a big fan of voting against people, but this year I'm all over this mantra.

Back in 2008, I voted the straight Libertarian party ticket. Why? Because I wanted to vote for people instead of against others. In the ensuing 23 months, I have lost my job, endured the national debt exploding at an unparalleled rate, and watched the "do-gooders" try to legislate "the right thing".

This year, I'm going to vote the straight Republican ticket for two reasons. The first is because, finally, the fiscal conservative elements in the party (a.k.a., the Tea Partiers) have had enough and finally ousted the stranglehold that the bible-thumping, crypto-fascists have had on the party since 2002. The second is because its time that we made it clear to the Democrats (the aforementioned "do-gooders") that their socialist, "we are the ruling class, you are the unwashed, proletarian masses" agenda is unacceptable.

Still, the country is going to remain up Shit's Creek until we can get a major 3rd party into the mix, one that combines fiscal responsibility with social freedoms. The problem is that ideals like that really only appeal to a very small set of the population -- the ones who want to take care of themselves and don't want to be told what to do. Unfortunately, an overwhelming majority of the people in this country want (or need) to be kept, like pets, or they want to be able to tell other people how to live their lives.