22 July 2008

Big move on the NFL front

Well, well, well, things they are a changing in the NFL.

For those who might have missed it, the Miami Dolphins (my favorite football team) traded perennial Pro Bowl DE Jason Taylor to the Washington Redskins for two draft picks (a 2nd round pick in 2090 and a 6th round pick in 2010). This was a good move for both teams as it eliminated the distraction Taylor's presence (or lack thereof) would have caused at Miami's training camp, it gave the Dolphins more picks to use to rebuild, and it gave the Redskins an impact defensive player.

It also gave the Dolphins an additional $7M in 2008 salary cap space (bringing them to $21M under) which ought to be enough for the Dolphins to sign OT Vernon Carey to a very nice extension. They could also some of that money to extend several other players, but the question then becomes, who? Aside from Carey, there isn't one veteran player on this roster whose play deserves them receiving an extension. Not one. If that doesn't illustrate the negative impact that both Dave Wannstedt's and Nick Saban's tenures brought to this team, nothing will.

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