29 July 2008

Looks like I was wrong about ole Manny...

Nothing makes you feel more like an asshole than defending one in good faith.

ESPN's Peter Gammons (a.k.a., the closest thing you will ever get to man who writes the gospel of baseball) raised a very interesting point about Manny in his blog entry from yesterday.

Wrote Gammons:
"Everyone in the clubhouse knows the names. Joba Chamberlain (twice), Felix Hernandez (twice), Edinson Volquez, Justin Verlander -- pitchers that Manny Ramirez didn't feel quite right to face"
For those of you who were not aware, that list reads like a who's who of MLB's "best pitching talent under age 25".

I had not been aware of the fact that Manny had sat them all out and, now that I am, I'm ashamed to have defended him.

Well, it's still only July 29th. There's a chance that the Sox could still work something out with either Philly (for Pat Burrell) or a multi-team deal which would land them Colorado's Matt Holliday. Here's to hoping!

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