29 September 2008

BMW drivers

Not sure about the rest of you, but I've come to a conclusion about people who drive BMWs. On the whole, I find them to be a collection of pompous idiots who don't know their ass from their elbow when they're actually behind the wheel. These fuckheads are only driving the damn things because they're trying to show you how important they are because they drive a BMW. What makes things worse is that they expect you to move out of their way because they're important.

I think they should be shot in the head. Preferably right between the eyes and at point-blank range.


Ted W said...

Wow, sounds like someone got cut off on their way to work today!! =)

All kidding aside, there does seem to be some direct correlation between "road entitlement" and BMW/Mercedes/Expedition drivers. Its an odd thing and one that I witness daily living in Los Angeles and near Beverly Hills where most houses seem to come with a new BMW.

Frank Moore said...

No, but I was driving behind some moron who not only came to a complete stop before taking a right turn (yes, a right turn), but would not proceed through the turn until the car who was coming out of the 2-lane road she was turning onto turned.


I was proud of myself, though. I refrained from describing them using either a profanity or the word "idiot".