09 December 2009

Congratulations, Joe!

He did it! My friend Joe Kennedy got his name on the ballot for the US Senate special election to replace Ted Kennedy.

Joe is a Libertarian running as an independent candidate in this election. If you live in Massachusetts, I urge you to go to his web site (http://joekennedyforsenate.com/) and review his platform. Help take back government from the special interests and make it accountable to the people.

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cassdawn said...

blogger has no "like" button.

i think i am planning on voting for him actually. there are a few things i disagree with him on - most notably (small) his recent reaction to the breast cancer recommendations and (large) his stance on healthcare - not the part about there shouldn't be government run necessarily but the part about how we ended up with the problems we ended up with and the idea of removing the fda. but i'm trying to weigh overall.

regardless i'm always in favor of third party representation so, yeah, "like"