25 August 2008

The Democrats select their VP

Well, Barack Obama and the Democrats have picked their VP candidate. In a surprise to no one with a brain, it was NOT Hillary Clinton. The actual candidate was Joe Biden, the senior senator from Delaware. Biden, who ran for President in 1988 and 2008, is considered a moderate centrist Democrat who will assist in improving the party's appeal to the political center.

One of the things that I appreciate about this selection is that Biden is listed as one of the least-affluent members of the senate. Not sure where he stands in the grand scheme of things, but he's not a man of ample means by any stretch. I like that. I think that it's time we started putting more of the proletariat into the White House and stopped having to select between members of bourgeoisie. The 2004 Presidential election, given the net worths of the 4 popular party candidates for president and vice president, seemed more like it should have been for the president of the country club, not the president of the country.

What I do not like about this choice is something of a trend in Democratic presidential candidates, specifically candidates running both for election to the White House and for election to their their current position. All that does is show that these guys don't care where they get in, that they just want to have a position of authority. When I see that happen, all it does is make me realize that Douglas Adams was right. Anyone capable of getting himself elected president should under no circumstances be allowed to take the job.

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