18 August 2008

Fantasy Football draft

Well, we had the big Fantasy Football draft this weekend and here's how my team shook out:

Round 1, 12th pick: Braylon Edwards, WR, CLE
Round 2, 13th pick: T.J. Houshmandzadeh, WR, CIN
Round 3, 36th pick: Jason Witten, TE, DAL
Round 4, 37th pick: Wes Welker, WR, NWE
Round 5, 60th pick: Matt Forte, RB, CHI
Round 6, 61st pick: Marc Bulger, QB, STL
Round 7, 84th pick: San Diego Defense
Round 8, 85th pick: Jonathan Stewart, RB, CAR
Round 9, 108th pick: Felix Jones, RB, DAL
Round 10, 109th pick: Vincent Jackson, WR, SDG
Round 11, 132nd pick: Jake Delhomme, QB, CAR
Round 12, 133rd pick: Davone Bess, WR, MIA
Round 13, 156th pick: Anthony Fasano, TE, MIA
Round 14, 157th pick: Ahmad Bradshaw, RB, NYG
Round 15, 180th pick: Kevin Jones, RB, CHI
Round 16, 181st pick: Phil Dawson, K, CLE

Now, fantasy football veterans would obviously have some questions about the reasoning behind
this draft. Simple, in most fantasy football leagues, it's all about the running backs, because most leagues award 1 point per 20 or 25 yards receiving vs. 10 rushing yards and don't award points per reception. Not in my league, it's all about the receivers.

Why? Our league awards 1 point per reception and 1 point per 10 yards receiving. Therefore, a receiver who catches 110 balls for 1200 yards and 8 scores (278 points) is more valuable than a RB who rushes for 1000 yards, 10 TDs, and catches 40 passes for 350 yards, and a score (241 points). What makes Welker a huge steal is that he also will gain rushing yardage and he returns punts and kickoffs. If he returns so much as one kick for a score (which he can do), that's like free money.

As for the Chicago RB connection, that's easy.
I anticipate them running the ball a lot this year as they still haven't figured out who their starting QB is (not that it matters because they can't pass protect worth a damn). Couple that with the fact that they don't have any WRs who can threaten with deep runs, so I see a lot of dump off passes coming their way.

We'll see how this works out. If it pans out like I hope it will, then I just screwed myself for next year's draft because everyone will follow the same strategy.

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